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New Profile Posts

  1. Radio Head
    Radio Head
    Looking for parts for a NP rx 5600. Record Level knob, Band knob, Mic mixing knob and cassette door/cover
  2. deech
  3. Brian
    I am getting old... as old as my Bboxes!
  4. nickeccles
    All Out Of Tune Guitars!!
  5. Harry Cooper
    Harry Cooper
  6. Leigh
    Hi - looking to buy a HS-GO8 - does anyone have one for sale?
  7. Middachten
    Reviving my Sony DD collection
  8. SeanMT
    I'm the youngest person on here :D I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but for now I think it's a good thing.
  9. Pete
    Hey ya'll. I'm new here
  10. doublecee
  11. carlos alberto coutinho
  12. Michael
    ...it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness...
  13. Cassette2go
    New member as of 11 June 2017
  14. ElisioClio
    ElisioClio corry
    Hey, Corry, I saw everything you sold Ebay Walkman. Congratulations and you can do well.
  15. Chris
    Trying to record on new deck.
  16. bugpat
  17. TheDood723
    New member to this site, looking to buy a Realistic SCR-6 or SCR-8
  18. buzbox
    buzbox mihokm
    Hi Marian. Just wondering if you are able to help with repairs on a DC2? Works and plays but speed is too fast and has the clicking. Also the lid does not close as the plastic switch seems worn and does not hold the cassette lid down. Regards,
  19. ElisioClio
    ElisioClio walkman archive
    Hi, why do not you let me come in and write a comment? Should I be quiet and just read? When reading or news that I have to tell you and give error and says so "The following error occurred: This forum requires new member introductions. Please start a new theard in the Introductions forum first." But how? But where? I am deaf and have little English difficulty.
  20. mihokm
    mihokm sickly_b

    Thank you very much for offer to help. The research is expensive, especially when it is necessary to work with accuracy of 0.01 mm. Good news is that I already have fully working prototypes (after my adjustments). The last things that I have to do is to produce final version of gears (without adjustments) and special screws.
    My PayPal address is mmihokmm@gmail.com.

    Kind regards,