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New Profile Posts

  1. flash_the_84
    Waiting for my D6C to arrive from the shipping company that's held it hostage for about 3 weeks now !
  2. sacguy231
  3. Boodokhan
  4. Boodokhan
  5. buzbox
    buzbox Boodokhan
    Basically I sent the wrong Walkman to this guy in Virginia. He is not willing to go to the post office to return it as I was the one who made the mistake.
  6. buzbox
    buzbox Boodokhan
    Can you help me out? Need someone in the US to organise a courier (fedex maybe) to pick up a Walkman from a buyer and have it sent back to me in Australia
  7. mike
    how do i add a new theard?
  8. mike
  9. mike
  10. Sonjita Rani Podder
    Sonjita Rani Podder
    Thank for visiting reviewsformusicians.com
    FISHBONE Northerner
    Just started my collection of boom boxes. Only 1 for now.
    FISHBONE walkman archive
    Just started collecting hip hop tapes
    FISHBONE T-ster
    I'm trying to put the boom back
  14. Silverera
    96年 10月 is October 1996 date verified. I have another WM-WX1 with 25th Anniversary Stickers. 8 years apart?. Surely the WX1 ended by 2004.
  15. Silverera
    How is it so. This WM-WX1 is from Tokyo Sony store
  16. DannyG
    Looking for a DDII playback head, mine only outputs 1 channel (circuit board tested)
  17. davebush
    davebush Radio Raheem
    Thanks my Bro...take care
  18. davebush
    davebush Radio Raheem
    hell Reno my friend......am i right in thinking you have got litfans cfs f40.........if so is it 100volts jap dom model and how do you power it
    1. Radio Raheem
      Radio Raheem
      hey dave bro, yes I have Litfans ol f40 and it's only 100v, I power her on 10 Duracell but she lasts hours and hours on them my friend
      Aug 17, 2017
  19. nakamichi
    where is the introduction area?
  20. nakamichi
    There was a nice serie of Pictures of WM-DD9 belt replacment on the old site. Have it been moved here?