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Ion Portable Speakers

Discussion in 'Portable Stereos of Today & Tomorrow' started by Mister X, Apr 25, 2017.

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    I've owned my Ion Job Rocker for almost two years, before that I'd use a vintage box with the Ion Bluetooth Cassette but I just wasn't getting the needed volume for some of my projects and battery life can be frustratingly short.

    While these are only mono they do have a radio and Bluetooth and they have a built in rechargeable battery. The back has two 120v US plugs that are really nice for charging the phone while cranking the unit. The Rocker will play for something like 8-12 hours at full volume which is really loud, I bring it to the ice rink and crank Maiden so everyone can hear! Ion is really stepping it up on the Bluetooth Speaker Line, looks like they added a cassette-less boombox recently, the Spectraboom, Knowing the quality of my Rocker, the Spectraboom is probably better than it looks.

    My Rocker also has a front handle on it, this must be the newer model, but it's basically the same.

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