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My Microphone Misadventure

Discussion in 'Home Audio Gear Chat Area' started by Easthelp, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Florida, USA
    Early in March 2017, I ordered the Ohuhu USB Studio Condenser Microphone (sold on Amazon for about $15). Several weeks earlier, I had seen what seems to be the same microphone -- certainly looking alike -- on BangGood.com for a good deal more money. I tried and failed to order the item on that other website. It's the reason why I posted a message here asking for help with identifying prepaid VISA and/or MasterCard services that can be purchased here in the United States and be used internationally, something my prepaid VISA cards can't do. (And, yes, I was drawn to that microphone by the goldtone steel mesh that makes the microphone look so, well, dignified.)

    Anyway, I dubiously got my chance to order the microphone after I tracked down the U.S.-sold version of it on Amazon. I received the item on Friday, March 10, 2017, along with a decidedly cheaper and much smaller electronics accessory: a Damomon 3.5mm 1-female-to-2-male Y-adapter. Here's an image of the opened-up product box, with its leaflet and the adapter alongside it:


    The Damomon splitter seems to work just fine with the Sharp GF-800’s twin microphone ports. I tested it with the RadioShack unidirectional microphone that I first tested the Sharp with after its arrival here in our home.

    The fancy Ohuhu unit? Not so much. In fact, not at all.

    It was like I just took those promisingly substantial-feeling parts out of the box, put them together and left the thing, stylin’ and profilin’, on the desk with the GF-800. I couldn’t get the dratted thing to come on at all when I plugged it into either of the microphone ports.

    No better luck when I tried using the fancy studio microphone with our aging Dell laptop on Saturday afternoon. The USB-like sound card – or whatever it is – that the Ohuhu comes with eventually came on, glowing red when I tried installing its software onto the Dell’s hard drive. But nothing beyond that. (Why? Laptop too old? Not top-of-the-line? Too many malware attacks over the years?)

    It really looks like I bit off more than I can chew in going for this fancy-looking, substantial-feeling, tripod-sporting paperweight. Not sure if Amazon – or Ohuhu Direct, the product’s seller on Amazon – will issue me a refund. I’m thinking of going for a simple, no-tripod unidirectional unit or something ...
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