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Paramore released their new album... and it's not about rock anymore :-(

Discussion in 'Music: Albums, cassettes, new releases...' started by walkman archive, May 15, 2017.

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    I like rock, and some of their variants: hard rock, pop-rock, blues-rock and alternative rock especially. Also other sub genres, but mostly these ones.
    Paramore is a band that released some excellent albums with good hard rock before. We all know that every band evolves through time, but I think this case has made them a completely new band that doesn't do rock anymore. They switched to some pop that remembers me the first albums of Madonna :shock

    This is the old Paramore: https://play.spotify.com/track/2F9JloTNvfkIvwXJP0bZUO

    This is how it sounds the new Paramore: https://play.spotify.com/track/2RJfK2pOvGpnxC255YOy5k

    I don't have anything against Madonna at all (in fact, I like her first albums the most) but I really didn't expect (and like) such a change. Paramore has dead! The new Paramore has anything related to the old one!
    Well, I'm sad that we have lost such a good band.

    It's not the only example of this kind of evolution (I'd say 'switch' more than 'evolution'); I still remember another two bands to do something similar in the last years... :ohmy :crybye

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