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The Sony D-NE320(and variants) is a really good pcdp

Discussion in 'Discmans, Minidisc, DCC and other players' started by Rochester21, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Rochester21

    Rochester21 New Member

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    Bucharest Romania
    I have a small collection of sony portable cd players, mostly later models, like d-ej2000, d-ne10, d-ne511, d-ne600, d561 etc.

    My last addition to the collection was a cheapo(12 usd), newer D-NE320. There is nothing special about this machine, except the fact that....it`s really good. Better than all the others i have. The sound coming from it is really balanced and lively and it reads cds in total silence.
    Unlike other models, the equalizer setings don`t disappear after removing the battery and i didn`t even need to tweak the sound because it was good as it was produced with the existing presets. It has good, pretty natural sounding bass and gracefully reproduced highs. I was really surprised.

    Another point worth mentioning is that this model doesn`t have a loose lid like many models from sony. This issue used to drive me crazy on my D-NE600. Size-wise it`s average. Good design(all plastic), typical for sony, not nearly as sexy as a slim model, but considering the base price one can`t really complain. Feels solid enough for carrying it on a daily basis. The menu system is familiar, resembles my D-NE600. The older D-NE600 remote works with the D-NE320, but this was expected.
    Btw, i`m using Sennheiser HD 380PRO headphones for sound comparison.

    The purpose of this post is informative, there are plenty of good portable cd players out there, but the modest D-NE320 and all its variants(321, NF versions) are very good value for money. It definitely beats some of the older top of the line models from sony and it`s super cheap, there is no excuse not to have one if you like this type of walkman.

    It`s not a perfect pcdp and there are a few drawbacks, namely that there is no line out option and the fact that the buttons are a bit stiff, there is barely any travel when you press them, but the sound quality alone makes me forget all these small issues.
    Sorry for not being able to produce any photos of my own, i`m currently away from home.
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  2. T-ster

    T-ster Moderator Staff Member S2G Supporter

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    Great post and good tip on this Sony:thumbup:
  3. Longman

    Longman Active Member S2G Supporter

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    Bournemouth UK
    To me that looks like a top of the range unit. My current go to personal CD player is a D-EJ750.

    The thing that I like about all the Sonys from that generation is how well they track CDs. Even with G Protection turned off it takes a very big shake to make them skip. A shame that the same can’t be said of the CD boomboxes like my two ZS-D55s.

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