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Useful tips for your messages

Discussion in 'Announcements and suggestions' started by walkman archive, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. walkman archive

    walkman archive Administrator Staff Member

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    Here are some useful tips for your messages and replies:

    • Do you want to cite a member who has not participated in that thread and probably won't know about it? You can let him know automatically. Simply write an "@" before his username and the system will send him a message to notify about your mention. You will see a label appearing under the cursor with its name; click over it and it's done.
      For example: "Let's see if @walkman-archive has anything to add to this" will notify me about what you're writing.
    • Did you ever wanted to post a link to a particular thread and a particular post into it? No problem. You see that number? Right click over it, copy the link and paste wherever you want. That's all! (here's this particular link)
    Link to a post in a thread.png
    • Do you want to be notified of every new thread or post in any particular forum or subforum? Just click here and you'll prompted to choose whether if you prefer to be notified about new threads and/or new posts, with alerts (when you come and visit the forum page) and/or by email. It's up to you.
    Watch forum.png

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