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My collection Sony Walkman 2017

Here is my Walkman collection, Currently. I still have one Walkman d6c, soon I will one. And she did not want much. Some, mostly Walkman DD and better ones. In short I will film complete for my order to buy Walkman. Just use best Walkman and cute design. Thanks

ElisioClio, Nov 8, 2017
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      B E A U tiful.
      excellent collection of walkmans. Loved all of them specially your TCM-600
    • ElisioClio
      Boodokhan: thank you so much. A walkman is missing. one day i will buy walkman d6c. TCM-600 is year 1978. Yes beautiful and works well. Just mono sound All walkman very good condition almost new. complete walkman stickers. Thank you, see my video.
    • wm_dan
      @ElisioClio That collection is truly awesome, are they all fully working? and if so would you mind me asking who services and repairs them for you? I bet you'd want a 5 figure sum to part with them!
    • ElisioClio
      @wm_dan: Hello. Yes, everyone works. was to arrange. I did it, at home. you can see my YouTube video, name ElisioClio, with some video on walkman repair. some walkman took off the straps our belts, because walkman stopped. I do not repair other people. Thank
    • buzbox
      Cool!! Same display case as mine. Ikea Detolf yes?
    • ElisioClio
      Buzbox: Hi. Yes, Ikea Detolf showcase. Sure. thank you.
    • wm_dan
      @ElisioClio I've watched your video a few times now! I am so envious and jealous lol! but also so happy for you, such an amazing collection!
    • ElisioClio
      wm_dan: thank you :thumbsup:
    • T-ster
      Stunning! Wow what a lovely video.
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    Nov 8, 2017
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