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Forum rules

These are the forum rules. MUST READ for EVERY member.

Terms of service

You are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules listed on this page. Failure to abide these rules can result in your temporary or permanent removal from the community.
The site administrators reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the user agreement without prior notice to the user. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the terms of this agreement.

The user agrees to the following terms:
  1. All information that you provide to us for your membership is correct.
  2. You must use a real, working email address in registration so that your password and membership information can be emailed to you. Registrations with fake email addresses will be removed.
  3. You may respect other users. You will not use your membership to spam, harass, or exploit other members in any way.
  4. Remember that we are a community with younger members -- do not use anything deemed obscene in a posting title.
  5. Any post with adult content, which includes adult language (beyond the damn and hell level), must have 'adult content' in the subject.
  6. No mass posting or flooding of the boards is allowed.


  • You own your own words. That means that you and you alone are responsible for the content of your posts and any consequences of those posts. With that in mind:
  • Treat others the way with respect.
  • Discuss issues, but do not point fingers. "That is a stupid idea," is an acceptable post, though perhaps not a particularly well-thought-out one. "You are a stupid person," will result in a moderator removing your post without warning. People who use name-calling, harassment, or abusive language toward other members will be removed from the community.
  • Do not leap into the flames. If you see an inappropriate post, IGNORE IT and notice to a moderator. Let a moderator know it's there and one of us will remove it. Do not respond to it -- the only effect that will have is that your post, too, no matter how erudite and well-thought-out, will vanish with it.
  • If you wish to discuss in a reasoned manner something that is going down in flames elsewhere, do so in a separate post with a similar title. That way people will be able to find your post, but it won't be deleted or get you into trouble in the community.
  • We are a Boombox & Walkman community. We're discussing about Portable Stereo, remember that the purpose of the site is to help improving knowledge about vintage portable stereos and how to repair it.
  • Respect people. Don't harass, stalk or verbally abuse anyone.
  • Don't post inappropriate material to minors.

Be Polite
  • The following rules on religion, war debate and politics have mostly to do with being polite and accepting that we are a diverse group.
  • Don't attack anyone else on their beliefs, and don't start a debate to tell the world your own. This is not the site for those discussions.

Selling and buying
  • Only sellers and supporters can post in the 2nd hand forums. Any member can become a seller when reaches 15 points (automatically).
  • You are allowed to list any walkman, boombox or related item that you own. Please be precise and honest with the description and photos.
  • Don't steal other's descriptions and photos; use your own. Or ask for permission first.
  • If you try to sell something in a dishonest way to a member here, you will be banned. We don't like scammers and liers.

Always Remember

Membership is a privilege and not a right. This is a private site
, and I will revoke the membership of anyone who causes problems, whether it is a reason clearly defined in the rules or not.

People are inventive, and some new ones are often the worst -- they come up with interesting ways to cause trouble. You can be warned, or banned temporarily or permanently. However, this is not something that often happens. So with that in mind, have fun and good luck ...

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The administrators
Nov 30, 2016
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