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How to add old topics as new threads

NOTE: This is a short tutorial to add old contents to the actual platform. Do that if only you are the original author of the original topic.

If you want a topic from another user, first check if he's already registered. You can check the user list here:

check user list.png
If he is registered, start a conversation with him and ask him to do that. If he doesn't know how to do or doesn't want to do that, ask him if you can do it. If he agrees, go on.

If he's not registered, post a request to ask moderators if they agree. If so, go on.

Then you must go to the directory listing and find the topic. For example, this one:


Open it and copy the original first post. If it's very long, just clic and drag starting over the first letter:

copy the original post-01.png

and keep the mouse button pressed while you use the scroll wheel to scroll down until the end:

copy the original post-02.png

If the user is not registered anymore, you can copy his signature too.

Then start a new thread in the proper subforum (the structure is the same) with the original post name (copy and paste that to be sure to not make mistakes) and paste the content. Then copy and paste the original title.
It should look like this:

paste the original topic.png
Then add some tags (to help find it when you are searching for a particular thread) and leave additional options like this:

add tags.png

That's it! Hit Create thread and it's done.

If the original author has passed away (like this particular sad case of John Edward), send me a message to change the author and set him.

How to download photos from the original topic (to add them here)

The drawback of this method comes when the original post has images stored at tinypic, etc.. they will be lost in a period of time.

It's much better if you download the images and upload them using the "Upload a file" that you can see below (at the right corner).

An easy way is to use JDownloader2. To do that, just follow these steps:
  • Download and install it.
  • Open JDownloader and keep it running in the background.
  • Go to the original topic and select the images (you can include text and even videos)
  • Right click and hit Copy or press Ctrl + C on Windows (CMD + C in a Mac)
  • Right now JDownloader should have got the copied links and be ready to download all them.
  • Go to Settings tab and set the destination folder for the downloads:
  • Select all files in JDownloader, right click and select Start downloads.
  • After a moment you will find all photos and videos downloaded to that folder. Now you can upload them and add to the thread using te Upload file button.
Dec 11, 2016
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