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DiamondBoxx Model XL Prototype testing.... holy @#$%^&&

Discussion in 'Portable Stereos of Today & Tomorrow' started by BLASTER, Dec 18, 2016.

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    ,If the big manufacturers thought there was a large market for modern boomboxes I'm sure they would start making them.

    What they do seem to be making is oversized Bluetooth speakers like this


    I was in Curry's a few weeks ago and was surprised how many different ones there were.

    In this thread http://www.stereo2go.com/forums/threads/is-this-anygood.1304/ Bronco asked "Don't you like Stereo ?".
    I think things have gone full circle, and that young people are so used to mono from their phone speakers that they think that if you aren't using headphones it is the norm.

    On the subject of building or modifying your own box, during the 1990s I thought that Computers had taken over from Hi Fi as a hobby.
    Instead of choosing a Turntable, arm, cartridge etc people were choosing a Motherboard, CPU, Cooler etc. Apart from hard core gamers I
    doubt if that happens much these days. After building my last five PCs I now use a slightly tweaked HP desktop.

    I do agree that it is fun to restore old equipment, especially when you can no longer buy what you want new. I'm currently doing that with a Sony PS-FL3 Front Loading turntable.

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