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Old Computers [PREV] Not your conventional cassette player..

Discussion in 'Home Audio Gear Chat Area' started by Chris, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Longman

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    Bournemouth UK
    That is doing things the hard way. One of the main reasons I bought my Atari ST back in 1990 was to use it as a Word Processor to produce things like the Amateur Radio Clubs newsletter. Hopefully you will find a club doing Radio Amateur courses. The Club I belong to does the Foundation Course and exam over one weekend as it only takes about 15 hours of tuition.

    There is an interesting thread about old processors here:


    I just added my experiences to it (about Z80 assembler and FPGAs).

    If you are interested in Radio and Software the current trend, which is undoubtedly will get bigger in the future for is Software Defined Radio (SDR) where all the demodulation and other clever bits are done using software. In the future it will allow you to do things like upgrade a mobile phone base station to 5G or 6G just with a software upgrade. However, it currently reminds me of the days of 8 bit computers where there is not any defined hardware standards or accepted ways of doing things.

    SDR can be very cheap (for a university project ?) with some people using the Realtek Digital TV dongles which cost about £15 to do interesting things like this.


    Doing clever stuff for Radio Comms using computers (like receiving signals so weak no person could ever hear them) only really became feasible with processors like the Pentium.
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  2. kitchen10

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    Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England
    My old piano teacher had two STs in his studio for legacy recordings, fascinating machines. I'll look into finding a local HAM club.

    Nice thread, lots of nostalgia I guess!

    Yes, I'm familiar with SDR. Interesting stuff, there's a lot of potential for this kind of technology. I get the feeling it will come up in my signal processing lectures. Either way, it's on my list of things to tinker with in the future!

  3. Transistorized

    Transistorized Member

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    My first good computer. Still use it today. Love my C64
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  4. Mister X

    Mister X Member

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    Cool find! Sinclairs were rare here after the ZX81 , some were also branded "Timex," I used to lust after the later models and the infamous "micro-drive." I owned a ZX81 and upgraded to an Apple II using both cassette and floppy drives. Apple blew everyone out of the water with it's seven open slots on the motherboard that any 3rd company could build a "card" for. Sinclair kind of had this feature on the back, it was mostly used for the 16K memory pack but modders were also building gadgets for it. Unfortunately all the weight would cause the computer to crash, usually right before you saved your program to cassette.

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