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Saving a Marantz 6100

Discussion in 'Home Audio Gear Chat Area' started by Mister X, Nov 5, 2017.

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    I've had this nearly destroyed Marantz 6100 that I've held on to for years. It came from an estate sale years ago where I picked up several nice boxes, which I posted here but I can't seem to find the thread.


    The ex-owner was really into stereo equipment, I bought a ton of stuff but this was a dumpster find, along with a mint Sony 2251. The Sony was missing the platter, the sale people said some young kid liked the way it sounded and he took it (out of the trash bin). Bummer, that table is worth some big bucks now but I haven't seen another platter in years.

    Anyway, these Marantz's look really nice but there's barely anything under the hood. I bought a non-working, very-good condition unit thinking I could mix the parts knowing that the motor on the above unit still worked. It turns out it was just the micro-switch stuck open.


    This micro-switch stops the motor when the tone arm is parked but since the switch was broken it wouldn't restart the motor when engaging an album. I swapped out the old TTs switch, soldered it all together, pulled a belt out of my box and boom, it works fine now. A nice little Sunday Night Easy Project.

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