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What headphones haves you recently found or bought?

Discussion in 'Headphones Area' started by Command8, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. buzbox

    buzbox Active Member

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    Not much leakage as they are over ear closed type headphones. I especially like the extra headphone cables they include. Included are 3 cables. One 3 metre straight cable, 3 metre coiled cable and a 1.2 metre straight cable. All have 3.5mm jacks but one end is threaded so you can screw on the 6.3mm adapter also included. Comes with a nice carrying pouch too. I will be testing out different genres of music over the next few weeks and will give my verdict on them but so far so good. Note that the M50X comes with all accessories I mentioned. I believe the M40x and M50x are the only models with detachable cables. The M20x and M30x are hardwired in.
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  2. Radio Raheem

    Radio Raheem Well-Known Member S2G Supporter

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    Both me and walkman archive have the cd 3000 and can highly recommend them, the only way to be sure is to hear them in person
  3. Cassette2go

    Cassette2go Member

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    Dallas Texas USA
    I am wearing the Kenwood KH-33 In this picture is the to box to them.
    I listen with the Kenwoods everyday now that I live where my mother can hear a pin drop on carpet so I have to be quiet.
    I am holding my favorite the Pioneer Monitor 10, however I am not using them as they shut out most all the sound around me and I need to hear mom calling so I wear the Kenwood & I
    Recently found Pioneer SE-305 headphones.
    IMG_0246 James headphone Wearing Kenwood KH-33 Pioneer Monitor 10 & SE-305.JPG
    On the table is a Pioneer SK-31 that I have rebelted but I cannot still keep the belt from traveling off once energized! ?

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